The seven eras of rock: chapter 6, Alternative Rock - Documentary

Seven Ages Of Rock (The Seven Ages of Rock, in Spanish) is a BBC series, co-produced by BBC Worldwide and VH1 Classics, on the history of Rock music.

It had seven 60-minute episodes, reduced to 48 for VH1 Classics, with a final 90-minute episode. The series producer was William Naylor, and the executive producer was Michael Poole, former editor of the BBC program The Late Show.

Chapter 6: Alternative Rock - Left of the Dial

Seattle, Washington, United States. In the early '90s it was the musical capital of the world.

The home of Grunge, the “teen spirit”, and of Nirvana , the kings of alternative rock. Nirvana, the band that brought America's underground sound to the masses.

Alternative rock was the soundtrack to the life of Generation X, of those who could not identify with the commercial studio rock that was heard on the radio and played on MTV.