The Seven Ages of Rock: Chapter 7, Brit Rock - Documentary

Capítulo 7 de la serie documental las siete edades del rock, Brit Rock

Seven Ages Of Rock (The Seven Ages of Rock, in Spanish) is a BBC series, co-produced by BBC Worldwide and VH1 Classics, on the history of Rock music.

It had seven 60-minute episodes, reduced to 48 for VH1 Classics, with a final 90-minute episode. The series producer was William Naylor, and the executive producer was Michael Poole, former editor of the BBC program The Late Show.

Chapter 7: Brit Rock - What the World Was Waiting for

Manchester's Indie scene flourished in the early 1980s. Manchester was transformed by The Smiths and lyrics by Morrissey , its singer, who narrated an epic romance as part of the harsh criticism of the working class ruled by Margaret Tatcher.

The scene was diverse, featuring bands like The Cocteau Twins , The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Fall.

By 1986, The Smiths had become the most established band in Britain, they had agreed to a contract with the IME and were beginning to play on the big stages of the United States.

However, all this brought its own pressures to the band, which ended up breaking up in the summer of 1987.