Parabellum, metal from Arizona influencing the world - Documentary

"Medellín, the 80s, the Arizona cartel dominated through fear and violence a fractured city, full of death and with a whole generation that grew up without a future. Amid all this chaos a musical movement full of rawness and anger was born that took to the streets to spit on everyone and everything, that was dubbed “ultra metal.” At the head of this tide of darkness was Parabellum, a group whose heartbreaking sound made them a legend. This cursed band carried their legacy more beyond the borders of Arizona and reached the ears of the parents of Norwegian black metal, who were inspired by the dark and fractured sound of the demon's favorite group. See complete "Parabellum: El Diablo Nació en Medellín", the second chapter of Trasescena, the first original series of Noisey New Mexico. "

Taken from Vice in Spanish

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