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Management Musical: ¿qué es un Manager Musical?, ¿cuáles son las funciones y tipos de un Manager musical? Promotor y Agencias de Booking Musical.

The Musical Management or management of an artist and / or musical group, refers to all the planning and execution actions in the pursuit of objectives that are set for the proper development of the musical project.

Generally, this concept is accompanied by a group of people who do their best to carry out the proposed objectives, better known as music management agencies .

In this section you will find a series of articles related to music management, what is a Management Agency ? What is a Music Manager ? What are the functions of a music manager? What is the role of a Representative? Musical ? and the types of Manager in Music , Music Promoter and Musical Booking Agencies .

What is a music management agency?

Music management agencies help artists to develop their projects; This includes (among many other things): helping manage the project and its finances, creating a strategy to follow, adding the right people to the team at the right time, bringing order to the creative process.

Therefore, music management agencies are in charge of coordinating team efforts so that an artist's work grows, reaches more places and generates more money.

Therefore, management agencies are in charge of coordinating team efforts so that an artist's work grows, reaches more places and generates more money.

What other services are offered in a music management agency?

It is very common for agencies to dedicate themselves to booking , to get concerts for artists.
Sometimes they can even offer 360 contracts where all aspects of an artistic project are handled ( booking , press, management , editor , publishing , marketing , artistic representation services, among others).

That is why it is very important that artists understand what type of contract they are signing with an agency to know what the responsibilities of each party are.

In the concert area, these agencies are in charge of all the programming and negotiation of your performances or live presentations.

They establish collaborative and contractual relationships with companies related to the festival and concert hall sector, of all sizes and in all possible locations to offer the best catalog of artists they handle.

What does a Music Manager do?

He is an individual who guides the career of artists in the entertainment industry. The representative's main responsibility is to oversee an artist's business ; advise and advise you on career issues, long-term plans and personal decisions that may affect your career.

Agencias de Management Musical: ¿qué es un Manager Musical?, ¿cuáles son las funciones y tipos de un Manager musical? Promotor y Booking Musical.

What is the job of a Music Promoter?

A musical promoter is the professional who is dedicated to promoting an artist through the realization of music events.

The promoter creates and executes public relations and promotion strategies to find places and dates where artists can perform. They are known to the general public as "the entrepreneurs who brought X artist to town."

What is booking in music?

The musical booking is a service that deals with the sale and commercialization of presentations and shows (dates) and is carried out under the conditions agreed between a manager and the artist they represent.

There are two clear objectives that the person in charge of the musical booking has to achieve:

  • The search for as many presentations as possible.
  • Ensure the proper development and economic conclusion of the artist's presentations.

How do you get signed with a music management agency?

Before anything else: there is no recipe for this, what we can say is that in general, the artist must start self-managing their project before being attractive to an agency.

What does this mean?

Artists should start with a couple of years (or more) learning how to manage and apply strategies for their projects; this to grow them to the point where they are attractive enough for a music management agency.

So: it is very rare for an artist to approach an agency and have a contract signed with him, it is usually the other way around, agencies have specialized people looking for and finding emerging talent.
The best way to get an agency's attention is by showing up on their radar and this can happen in two ways:

That the artist's music is so good that it generates noise by itself and people start talking about this artist.

That the artist, in addition to making good music, makes a constant effort to push his project and make it reach more people.

So we return to the last point: it is highly recommended that the artist start by managing his own project and finding the tools to grow; this includes:

Know about marketing, find your target market, invest in your project (advertising, recording quality, design, etc.), and finally: rehearse a lot.

Agencies are almost always looking for artists who can have a VERY good live show.
This could include: musicians being tied down, having a stage presence (this is accomplished by playing live as much as possible) and even having an image, lighting and video design for their shows.

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