📺 Subterranica, Distorciones: at the root of Colombian Rock - Documentary

Un DOCUMENTAL sobre el ROCK COLOMBIANO, ✅su escena y las problemáticas que genera la visión de agentes oficiales y privados ✅

The alternative media play a very important role for the rock scene in the country, thanks to these it is that it has been known to evolve and potentiate with more success the musical processes in cities.

SUBTERRÁNICA, more than a means of communication, is a cultural collective that has established itself in favor of Latin American rock, since its inception as a radio station it has traveled through Colombian and continent sounds emerging as a response to the needs of rock circulation in the country.

Its objective is to contribute to the creation , circulation and promotion of the cultural industry in Latin America by supporting new emerging talents , creating spaces for circulation , exhibition and recognition.

Among its proposals we have the Subterranica Awards, Subterranica Radio , Monsters Del Rock , Podcast on management and culture , circulation and constant musical releases of national and Latin American rock.

In this documentary we will learn more about this great proposal for Latin American Rock , from its beginnings to the present, and what this initiative represents for the industry and the music scene.

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