📺 LATIR LATINO, music on the walls, GRAFFITI, STREET ART - Documentary

Musicalidad en cada una de las paredes donde los artistas del GRAFFITI, o STREET ART usan como lienzo en calles y paisajes cotidianos de las urbes latinas.

A documentary that covers the musicality that is translated into each of the walls where the artists who make graffiti (or street art) use the streets and the daily landscape of the cities as canvas.

Latin America has an immense cultural wealth and it is also a great recipient of new forms of artistic expression. Graffiti (or street art ) is one of those new forms of expression that came to this part of the world.

Currently Latin America has artists of enormous quality. Some of them are invited to urban art festivals in Europe and the United States, reproducing, once again, the historical division between center and periphery according to the place of origin of the artists.

Due to this, the Peruvians Entes and Pésimo decided to summon their Latin American counterparts, with whom they shared festivals around the world, to fulfill the dream of holding the first urban art meeting in their own region: Latir Latino .

Thus, it was sought to generate a meeting space to show the rest of the world that urban art has important weight in the region, that it helps to sweep away the differences imposed by borders and that it spreads the joy and hope with which Latin Americans take the life to strengthen ties between people who share much more than a language or a part of the world.

This film shows what happened during the development of Latir Latino, closely following each of the artists involved to rescue from their words, motivations and experiences, the vision they have of the development of urban art and the place it occupies in our region .

This is a photo, an axial section of the history of Latin American urban art to understand from the experience of its protagonists where it comes from, where it is and where it is going.


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