📺 What is the role of a manager, what does he do? Conversation about Management

Conversación entorno al Management, ¿Qué tipos de manager musical existen? ✅ ¿Cómo contacto con un manager?  ✅

Negocios de la Música TV is a program that is transmitted via streaming, thus strengthening the contents for the proper development of the music industry with a series of chapters in which experts in everything related to the industry invite, thus connecting musicians and interested people in these themes.

In this chapter related to Management and everything a manager can do with a musical project, they invited María Gómez , who in her career as a manager led the careers of Cuca , Forseps, Pito Pérez y Disidente and Abraham López Urzúa, at the time. Managers Anonymous , who handles new acts like Technicolor Fabrics , Caloncho , Porter and Siddhartha . And a virtual guest, from Austria, Gerhard JÖbstl , who leads the classic rock band Opus , creators of the hit "Live is life".

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