🤖 What is a Music Agent and what kind of work does it do? Main roles in the music industry

Los AGENTES MUSICALES  o AGENTES de MÚSICA, ✅ también agentes de talento o simplemente agentes, son personas que hacen que la música en vivo suceda. 💼

Musical Agents Who are they?

Music agents , also called booking agents, talent agents , or simply AGENTS , are the people who make live music happen.

A good agent with well-connected connections can make all the difference when it comes to getting a band in front of the right audience and helping to increase your profile.

Agents work closely with promoters and record labels to make sure bands are getting exposure.

Music agents also handle negotiations with promoters and venues when it comes to pay-per-live performance, in addition to deals for things like backline and accommodation .

What work does a Music Agent do?

While the extent of a music agent's responsibility may differ depending on the level of the band they are working with, the basic tasks involved in the job remain the same whether the club reserves the band for a small concert or a concert. great show for a record label .

Agents can do:

  • Links with bands / labels / management to agree on tour dates, tour logistical and financial requirements, and tour objectives (promotion of a new album, etc.).
  • Contact between promoters and places to launch bands according to the concert dates.
  • Organize contracts with promoters in relation to payment, technical rider , guest list and equipment.

  How is the payment to a Music Agent?

Music agents are paid a percentage of the income from a tour.

These revenues are limited to actual payments for performances and do not include money obtained from merchandise sales.

The most common arrangement between a band and an agent is, for the agent, between 10% and 15% of the money made by the band's performance, although 18% or even 20% are not entirely unknown.

For this reason, it is obviously in an agent's best interest to get as much money as possible for the band, more money for the band, more money for the agent.

What can a good agent do for a band?

Music agents hold the keys to good shows , and with a screening band, a good agent may mean performing before large audiences sooner than booking your own concerts would probably do.

If you sign with an agent who works with larger bands, you will have the ability to tour with these bands.

Good music agents also have contact with good promoters , which means that you have an immediate relationship with the venues and promoters, rather than having to convince them to give it a try.

Agents, likewise, have the ability to raise more money than a band could do on its own.

  Do agents need a contract?

Of course! A contract will help you avoid any misunderstandings in the future and let everyone know what to expect.

A contact will also clarify what the band expects from the agent and what the agent expects from the band.

You are not going to be fighting over the money, or arguing about whether the agent was supposed to have a drum kit or the band was supposed to carry it, if you have everything written down.

How can you become a music agent?

If you think a job as a music agent might be right for you, there are two ways you can get started:

  • Agencies with established approaches looking for an internship in which you will learn to make great contacts and learn directly from other professionals.
  • Try your luck at independently booking and managing gigs.

If you want to try building your own agency from scratch, check out your friends who have bands, and start making concert reservations for them in your local area.

Make use of the contacts you make at these shows to expand your place of influence.

You should be prepared to spend long hours for little money (or none in certain cases) while you are testing yourself as an agent.

If you are willing to invest the time and effort , you can build your reputation and actually your dream of being a good musical agent.