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Plataformas Musicales, streaming de la música online, cómo subir y vender tu música en las plataformas, distribuidores y agregadores digitales.

What are music platforms?

Today we are surrounded by websites where many of our social and interaction activities converge.

Listening to music is an activity linked to almost everything we do, therefore its transformation is constantly evolving and more and more new spaces are being generated in which to host music, where to listen to it, interact with it, comment on it, share it, buy it and even produce it individually and collectively.

In this section you will find articles related to streaming music online , digital music platforms , how to upload your music to the main platforms through digital music distributors or digital aggregators .

You will find articles for optimization and to make the best use of platforms such as Spotify , Deezer , iTunes , Apple Music , Youtube Red , Google Play Music , Tidal , Sazham , Claro Música and many more. Also everything related to music video platforms such as YouTube , Vimeo , Tidal , iTunes and others.

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How to sell and distribute my music on music platforms, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon and others

Updated [2019]

There are platforms to sell music, to upload music, to listen to music, to manage your musical career, to download, to learn about music and even to produce music, and yes, all of these are online, in this section we will talk about each of these categories to better understand this world.

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Music Streaming

Listen to music or watch videos without having to download them, they are instantly transmitted to any device with network access.

Digital Aggregators or Distributors

These are companies that communicate with the big streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer etc. These are responsible for delivering your music catalog to all streaming stores and services in the world depending on their scope.

You will generally have to pay for this service, although many of these have free distribution models.

Platforms to sell music online

Just as there are streaming services where people can play your songs, there are still people who are interested in music downloads and for this there have been digital music stores, iTunes Store, Amazon, among others for a long time.

To get your catalog to these music sales platforms, it is done through the aggregators, at the same time you make the distribution to streaming platforms, they will give you the options to the platforms and stores that usually arrive.

The main platforms where you can sell your music are iTunes, Amazon , Google Play , Napster , Claro Música , Medianet, Akazoo, InProdicon and many of the Aggregators, Music Distributors, have their own stores, for example CD Baby.

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Where can I listen to music online and for free?

Here you will find some recommendations and very good alternatives to listen and upload your music for free, we will take a tour of those platforms that serve us all to enjoy music a few clicks away, including some tips on how to get personalized recommendations from artists and bands .

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