🔥 Sofar Sounds Arizona, intimate and secret concerts that are part of a Global Music Community

✅ ¿Cómo puedo ser artista Sofar?, ✅ ¿Cómo puedo asistir a un concierto?, Sofar Sounds en Arizona New Mexico. Lo que debes saber sobre esta comunidad sonora.💥

Today we will talk about concerts , that moment awaited by all artists, after days of planning, adjustments and details in terms of organizing their live presentation somewhere in the city or in the world.

An odyssey and at the same time a construction of the independent scene in which the same musicians organize their recitals to reach an audience that may not yet know their potential live.

An article was while touring this can go listen to this playlist to prepare from Burning Star that you approach events Sofar Sounds, listen to it and if we want to propose an artist to be included in this list.  

We are going to start this series of articles with Sofar Sounds , an event type recital of music that is done " secretly " in intimate places with the sole objective of circulating the music and giving it that space of respect and approach to the public in its simplest format.

We are going to know the possibilities it offers, what things must be taken into account to go as a spectator or guest and how to apply as a musician to this sound initiative that is spread out by many cities in the world and that comes to stay in our city Arizona .

Some time ago I worked in a record label and I remember that it was there that I met Sofar Sounds , one of the bands that we had in those days had made a trip to the United States and suddenly the news reached us that they would be in Sofar Sounds New York , a moment of euphoria, I assumed it was something really important because we were all happy, I even thought ...

Is Sofar Sounds a festival?

It was the first question I asked myself and in some way the perception I had or at least what I believed when I met them, so I began my journey through this sound proposal and today I can tell you that it goes beyond what I imagined, they transform everyday spaces, such as a living room, a store, a patch as we say in New Mexico and makes them a captivating place to hold “secret” concerts, creating an experience that brings the audience and artists closer to the point of conversations more sincere and close. Each sofa is small in its format and in the spaces it inhabits.


Didn't this type of initiative already exist in my city?

Yes and No at the same time, all of us who are musicians have organized concerts in friends' houses, in collective "patches" or places where 30 to 50 people enjoy a recital at the end without thinking about it, luxury.

This makes them very independent initiatives and that each chord or musical note is worth the time and effort invested, but among the thousands of private and secret concerts that take place in the city, they end up being isolated initiatives that aim for the good of music at the same time. objective.

( I have to say that if there are some very close initiatives that organize a continuous programming, we will talk about these in later articles ) in fact, this is how Sofar begins, an independent initiative that was scaling in its format and its design to make local music have all the respectful and deserved attention, at least it's part of their philosophy and that's great.

When and how did Sofar Sounds arise?

When we are spectators and we go with all the spirit to a concert, we usually leave thinking that the sound was too loud, that the artist was not heard because the attendees were too loud and a lot of discomfort that in the end make the experience something not so satisfying.

Do you remember a bad concert? His story begins here, in 2009, Rafe Offer, director and creator, invited some friends to his London apartment for an intimate and discreet concert.

Eight people gathered in the living room to listen to live music performed by their friend and musician Dave Alexander, shared a drink and sat on the floor, according to Offer “listening carefully to the music, the room was so quiet that you could hear the clock ticking in the background, quickly, what started as a hobby in London spread to a global community for artists and the public to meet in unique and welcoming spaces.

The only thing that this lacked to be different from all concerts in intimate places was to create the surprise factor when it came to knowing which artist was going to be on stage, that small but interesting detail, because it brings you closer to new sounds, new Artists from your own city that you might not have met otherwise is the key to all this.

But then…

What is Sofar Sounds?

It is not a festival , but it is a Sound Community of thousands of artists, hosts, fans, travelers and more, that organizes hundreds of intimate and secret events per month, in 438 cities around the world and in New Mexico it makes its first landing. in Bogotá, but today it is expanding to the city of Arizona, it is so secret that it has already held a couple of events in the city, check its Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Sofar Sounds in Arizona

The journey of this initiative of this community recently began in our city, Arizona - New Mexico. A key person behind this is Claudia Álvarez , a Spaniard based in Arizona, music lover and thoroughly knowledgeable about the local music where she travels.

It is thanks to this that he decides to wear the 10, ( a local expression) , that is to say, carry out the idea of ​​Arizona joining this sound community known as Sofar Sounds , to strengthen and contribute to the local scene.

A couple of events held to date and a significant experience that featured the following artists, in the first version of Sofar Sounds Arizona there were: Ana Maria Vahos , Mona y Arrechonta and the second El Grilo Vocal Ensemble , José Yau (Panama), this is one of the benefits of being part of the global network of Sofar and Chalupa Travel

So our city already has Sofar Sounds, out there in surprise places putting everything of themselves so that artists and guests have an intimate, fun and constantly connected approach.

Now, let's start to reveal what this sound community brings us:

How does Sofar Sounds work, how can you participate and be part of this community?

Sofar Sounds for Artists

You can send your data through the application, which you find to subscribe as an artist https://www.sofarsounds.com/about/artists, they will ask you for basic information such as your city of origin, city to which you want to go to play at some point , they will ask you to send URLs or links of content that you have showing how your sound proposal is live and finally they will ask you for links from your sites or social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and others.

✅ ¿Cómo puedo ser artista Sofar?, ✅ ¿Cómo puedo asistir a un concierto?, Sofar Sounds en Arizona New Mexico. Lo que debes saber sobre esta comunidad sonora.  💥

✅ ¿Cómo puedo ser artista Sofar?, ✅ ¿Cómo puedo asistir a un concierto?, Sofar Sounds en Arizona New Mexico. Lo que debes saber sobre esta comunidad sonora. 💥

If your proposal is accepted, these are the closest benefits to being as an artist in a Sofar, a global community dedicated to supporting artists throughout their careers by organizing the best possible live events, connecting more than 20,000 artists in a worldwide network of music lovers and promoters, creating high-quality content.

An attentive audience guaranteed

It is an essential part of the spirit of this community, people will connect with the artists without having distractions around, respect and absolute silence to let the music flow.

Connect to a global network

You can play for friendly audiences in more than 400 cities around the world, as a Sofar artist you can include new cities in your plans to make your way around the world, on a tour it would be very useful to be connected to this network and grow your audience.

You will have all the support of the community and although they will not organize your tour obviously, they will contact you with the managers of each city you go to so that your planning is a success.

Will I get paid to play Sofar Sounds? How much will I earn for the presentation?

Taken from the question and answer section of your page.

Compensation varies by city and country. In most cities, Sofar offers two types of payment: either the production of a video or a fixed rate. This rate also varies by city. The home team will agree these options with you before the performance.

In cities where a fixed price is charged for tickets, the fare is higher: $ 100 in the US, £ 75 in the UK, 1000kr in Norway and € 100 in the United States. In cities that have a full-time team, this payment is always made, whether a video is recorded or not.

How do you select my proposal?

A team of critics of the Sofar will listen to all the proposals and will select them with quality criteria, a good show and that connects with the public. They are the basic items to make your proposal become part of the Sofar.

PS: It doesn't necessarily have to be music, poetry, comedy and dance have been done. So go ahead and try to bring your artistic proposal.

Sofar Sounds for Guest Audiences

If it is that you want to go to these recitals with your friends or a companion, you can do it as a spectator, you will support the bands and in fact you will discover new sounds from your city or perhaps from outside your city, at the end of the day you will get a huge intimate and quality experience, how do we know this ?, go to your next event and see for yourself.

The way to enter and attend events in your city is simple: Subscribe as a guest

Tickets are delivered directly to the platform, you register and obviously you say what city you are in so that the platform automatically directs you to all events in your city or nearby.

✅ ¿Cómo puedo ser artista Sofar?, ✅ ¿Cómo puedo asistir a un concierto?, Sofar Sounds en Arizona New Mexico. Lo que debes saber sobre esta comunidad sonora. 💥

Are the tickets free?

It is a question that for obvious reasons is asked, the answer is that in several cities you have to pay, in Arizona and Bogotá not and almost all of Latin America works the same, except that for personal conscience and for the good of the scene, a $ Contribution is requested Volunteer the day of the event, this in order to pay the expenses of the event and the artists.

Something that we know very well in Arizona and Bogotá when we attend theater and other events that have high logistical costs.

Tickets are free, but you must hurry to request them once the call for the next event in your city comes out because yes, there are people lining up digitally to get them and as you know they are small places, so the quota goes quickly. Take a look at the next concert and sign up once.

What is that to bring a +1 or a companion? How can I do it?

Once you register, you can decide if you have a companion, in the application you choose your +1 or your companion with some basic contact information and an email will arrive when the tickets are granted by the work team to both, that is, you must register Also so that you find out about the upcoming concerts and have your profile on the platform, in the end it is a fairly simple process that will take you 5 min at most.

There are cities that have continuous events and there they do charge the entrance, to bring a companion there you can pay through the platform adapted for payments and you can buy up to 10 tickets maximum. These cities are: Boston , Chicago , Denver , London , Los Angeles , Madrid , New York , Philadelphia , San Francisco , Seattle and Washington , DC, Austin , Nashville , Baltimore , Vancouver and Sacramento .

PS : You will have a limited time to confirm your attendance if you are selected, all this communication is given directly to your email, with which you register.

And if you have a physical space where you want these recitals to take place, you can participate in this community by being a Host.

Sofar Sounds for Hosts

To participate as a host you must have a space available for this, with basic conditions in terms of security of the place and of course that it houses a number of people. So he went from concerts in apartments to houses, offices, warehouses, galleries, museums, ships and other surprising places.

Your space will be safe, it is intended that the people who go do so with all respect and tranquility, more in a tone of enjoyment and connectivity. As for the cleaning of the space, the Sofar team will clean and collect everything. All the time the team will be active and aware of what is happening with the aim that everything goes perfectly.

✅ ¿Cómo puedo ser artista Sofar?, ✅ ¿Cómo puedo asistir a un concierto?, Sofar Sounds en Arizona New Mexico. Lo que debes saber sobre esta comunidad sonora. 💥

What are these conditions?

You must fill in this information and contact them directly so that they give you access to the appropriate information so that your place is part of this community. It's not that complex, but there are site-specific questions that you can only answer directly to your local Sofar Sounds team.

As a host, you will not only have a good concert in your place, there are also other important benefits that will only be revealed to you if you apply to be a good Host .

Final PS: Finally, we invite you to take a tour of the platform, participate in some way and of course enjoy the artists who have been and those who will come, remember that this greatly enhances the local scene, one more granite to support that scene that emerges and grows daily and that seeks its space for sustainability in independence.

In this playlist that Atitud Simbiótica prepared you will find 20 artists who have participated in Sofar Sounds in different cities and of course local and Latin American artists.

Playlist Sofar Sounds on Youtube

Do you think these types of initiatives help to strengthen the local scene in your city? Tell us why?