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Un análisis sobre la DISTRIBUCIÓN DIGITAL de la MÚSICA, ✅ los DERECHOS PATRIMONIALES ✅ y LICENCIAS MUSICALES ✅ como principal eje de rentabilidad en la música. PDF Descarga

This is an in-depth essay on the new Music Industry. Do you want to know the current dynamics that the music industry is going through?

An analysis on the digital distribution of music ,   patrimonial rights and music licenses as the main axis of profitability in music.

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This essay is part of the book C @ mbio: 19 key essays about how the Internet is changing our lives, a BBVA project.

To understand the dynamics of the music industry , first of all, it is necessary to know that it is not just one, but several, different, closely related to each other, but that they start from different logics and structures.

Patrik Wikström (author)

He is the author of The Music Industry: Music in the Cloud (Polity Press, 2009) and has also published articles in Technovation, International Journal of Media Management, Journal of Media Business Studies, Journal of Music Business Studies, and Popular Music and Society.

"The music industry as a whole lives off the creation and exploitation of music intellectual property.

Composers and lyricists create songs , lyrics and arrangements that are performed live on stage, recorded and distributed to consumers or licensed for any other type of use, for example, as the sale of sheet music or as background music for others media (advertising, television, etc.).

This basic structure has given rise to three core music industries: the record company , focused on recording music and its distribution to consumers; that of music licenses, which mainly grants licenses to companies for the exploitation of compositions and arrangements, and live music, focused on producing and promoting live shows, such as concerts, tours, etc. "