✨ These are 25 things that your band can sell at events and on the website to generate income in your musical project

25 cosas que puedes vender en tus conciertos y sitio web, ¿cómo generar ingresos en una banda? ✅ 25 ideas de negocio para monetizar tu proyecto musical

Welcome to brainstorm! a list of different things that a band can sell at their concerts and on their website, this list is not the only thing, I am sure there are a lot of other interesting things, however, here you will have some ideas, especially since I have to start merchandising my band, soon! Chris Seth Jackson

To sell at events:

1 - T-shirts:

Do not forget to make shirts or t-shirts also for women, they sell out very quickly, in addition, you must have more than one design for the shirts, create new styles every few months to meet your fans and have something new so that they have to buy each time they go to your concerts.

2 - Sticker´s:

The stickers are super cheap, so make several types, small stickers to give as gifts and large ones for people to buy, you can also stick the sticker of your band everywhere so that it can be seen.

3 - Buttons:

I can't really remember how many buttons my band bought, however they are an ideal gift for people as they are so cheap.

4 - Patches:

They are made of fabric and there are formats that you can print for some special fabrics , also paint manually, now there are not enough bands making patches!

5 - CDs:

The records may be on the wane, but they are still sold at concerts as collectibles, try to have a series of CDs, live recordings, limited editions, acoustic versions, digital re-mix, not all fans will want them. variations, but your true fans want everything, the more collectibles you have, the better.

6 - Download Cards:

Most of the people obtain digital music by streaming, with the download cards you will have your music in circulation and in turn on your fan's computer or mobile device.

There are several ways to obtain these cards, platforms like YIMUP in New Mexico or you can manually print your cards with a unique download code or a secret download link, you have a great tool to design your strategy and they are easy to print in quantities.

Today, CDs have the potential to be put on a shelf rather than played, so cards are just what many who don't want your record need.

7 - DVDs:

Personally, I haven't tried selling a DVD at a show, but why not? record your live presentations, your videos, and photos behind the scenes and make a DVD with all that, but do not exaggerate in making too many copies maybe not many will come out, I think.

8 - Posters:

Again, I don't see bands making cool posters, I remember I used to have my bedroom walls totally covered with gang posters from high school to college, plus if someone buys and hangs the poster yours, can bring your band name before more eyes.

9 - Drinks or shots or cocktails:

Because they are cool and will bear your name, get a good bartender and take him to your concerts with a montage of shots or cocktails, you will surely have many sales.

10 - Guitar Picks:

I never thought about it but other bands have told me that people go crazy buying custom guitar stuff, you can find really good quality picks here .

11 - Vinyls:

I have no experience with vinyl personally, but music collectors really look for vinyl records, I even hear that 80% of the people who buy vinyl records don't even own a turntable, therefore I think the charm is in the work of art and collecting.

12 - Flexible registrations:

My friend Erik is running a nice project for flex logs, these are the plastic logs that come with magazines, however you can do all kinds of colors and designs.

13 - Old drumheads:

I saw GWAR do this, they take old drum heads and add custom design elements to them, then sell them at events for roughly $ 100, instead of throwing away your broken gear you can make art out of them.

14 - Different clothing items:

Shirts, underwear, bandanas, briefs, muscle shirts, sports shirts, these items are generally more expensive, so your markup should be higher, start slowly with items like these to see if people really want to buy. (Ask your fans if they could actually buy these things first.)

Digital Sales:

15 - Digital Distribution:

You can use CD Baby, TuneCore, or many aggregators to distribute your MP3 music and major streaming sites. If you still do not know how this process is, we recommend our updated guide to fully understand, we recommend this step-by-step guide:

How to sell and distribute my music on music platforms, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon and others?

16 - Royalties for Streaming:

Register to obtain your royalties in cents in the collective management entities of your country.

Digital sales on your website

17 - E-books PDF:

A diary of your antics during the past year, a book of photos, lyrics and explanations of each of your songs, you can even make your own adventure that is completely fictional and sell to your fans.

Also, if you can combine something like this with an album download, people will definitely be more willing to pay money for your music.

18 - Albums and singles:

If you are selling albums and singles on your website directly, zip up extra extras to attract people, upload high quality images, just like previous e-books, include song lyrics, you can also include a documentary "behind of cameras "that will be exclusive for the purchase of the album.

19 - Videos:

Create high-quality videos that only people with the download code can view or you can stream it on your site and make the video downloadable with your disc, how about a full video of the disc?

20 - Website Membership:

Get the recurring monthly payments from your fans, create exclusive content for them, give them the keys behind the scenes and give them special and unique things that no one else can get because they are exclusive users.

21 - Exclusive content:

I see people doing this for their startup campaigns, but never as a service from your website, how about $ 100 for a unique song for a fan? (You can change the price according to demand.) Or an exclusive concert at someone's house?

$ 50 to sing on the next recording of one of your songs or on the album, or include it in the next video of the band.

Why wait for a kick-off campaign when you can have constant support from your fans? Give them something in return.

Indirect sales:

22 - Affiliate links for equipment sales:

A document of your technical equipment and instruments on your website providing the affiliate links to each of the articles so that people can buy the same equipment or instruments that you use.

With affiliate links you get a percentage for the purchase, if someone buys the equipment of course!

23 - Links of affiliates to the music of other bands:

If the bands you like have their music on iTunes or Amazon, why not create an affiliate link for their records? That contributes to its promotion and if someone buys your music, you get a percentage.

24 - Google Adsense:

Sign up for an Adsense account and put ads on your site, it takes a lot of traffic to really get value from these links, but it can add up to extra money over time.

25 - YouTube partners or partners:

If you receive enough viewing time in your videos, you can become a YouTube partner and monetize your channel (their latest policies establish that you must have a minimum of 4000 hours of playback in all your videos during the last year and have more than 1500 subscribers to access to the monetization program)