🌌 14 key ideas that GUSTAVO CERATI leaves us to survive in the MUSICAL INDUSTRY

GUSTAVO CERATI, icono del rock en español plantea 14 ideas que ayudarán a fortalecer y ampliar nuestra visión de la INDUSTRIA MUSICAL ✅

We took on the task of tracking some interviews made by the media with GUSTAVO CERATI , between radio and television to take apart the many ideas and advice that he throws in the middle of each conversation.

These ideas are subject to what he has experienced throughout his musical career and made a substantial part of his life. 14 ideas left by Gustavo Cerati , icon of rock in Spanish , which will help strengthen and expand our vision as artists to new horizons.

Thanks Total ! We give for that great legacy of teachings, music, lyrics and genius left by this artist to whom we give a big hug from a distance today on his 61st birthday .

1 - The creation of letters:

“With the subject of the letters and trying to explain them is difficult for me, because I don't know very well what motivates me at that moment, basically the sound of the words motivates me, I try in some way to make them read and have a structure , that what comes out of those words is musical "

2 - Past, Present Future Projections:

“The here and now is still really the most important thing, when you project too much, things don't go as they should and well, then you realize that you have to rethink what is happening today.

Naturally, I am not unaware of the past, nor is it that I repress it, but I don't think about it much, I don't have a good memory, I forget and forgetting saves me at some point , it will also condemn me at others; naturally if you forget too much you repeat your mistakes ”.

3 - Leave a band at the right time:

Soda Stereo spent a year rehearsing to be able to play their first show , it was not that it was so fast for my way of seeing things, in the same way in the separation, it was not a sudden thing, we were already more and more emotionally distanced , musically and as friends.

Really the thing did not give for more and it did not give for more a long time ago, we were stretching, which everyone does, trying to see if it can still work a little more and of course, nobody wanted to make that drastic decision, after everything is what fed us all and that included many people around.

It was very hard for me, perhaps he was the one who took the initiative, but I realized that we no longer counted among ourselves, we were each very lonely. "

4 - Motivation to continue:

" I push myself to make a record , I force myself because I'm super hardworking , but I'm also super idle, the two things coexist, I need to get my hands on a date, with an idea, where to go, because somehow I'm drawing my trajectory, ( well somehow you already have to make a record ), I tell myself that kind of thing, but I'm making music every day ”.

5 - Achieve Creative Independence:

“The truth is that no one ever came to tell me what to do , and if someone came to tell me something, it was just one look enough for me not to continue with that.

Over time I have become more tolerant, not in the sense that I accept an imposition, but an opinion; I do believe that the people who are there are around for something, I think you have to look and listen and that is something that I did not do ”.

6 - Return and rescue:

“You always have to rescue, because a lot of possible paths remain that are truncated in oneself.

The same musicians and artists of all kinds are also dedicated to investigating what has happened and taking up a path of those because nobody is really inventing anything from scratch and besides, I am not pretending to have the flag of the avant-garde, far from it. I leave those who really do it and I have a lot of respect because they are people who expand the limits of what can be done ”.

Excerpts taken from the interview in Dímelo Tú -Mariana Arias (01/07/06)

7 - "To think of yourself as a character is absurd":

"For ego issues, I went through many situations, of missing the reality of things, not so much of believing myself to be someone very special because the truth is, I'm quite critical all the time, but of losing contact with reality and speaking as if outside I don't know what, and I have also gone through the moment where they have to put me together with a spoon because my ego was destroyed in some way as a result of relationships or criticism that I could not overcome, that balance is complicated when things go off axis ”.

8 - Take a break:

"I think I 'm not a full-time artist , that is, I'm not developing things all the time, I do some musical gymnastics, when I'm at home every day I spend time doing something that has to do with music, I also rest a lot from her.

After what we did with Soda Stereo in 2007, I took a quiet time, from doing other things that had nothing to do with it, I knew that I was going to make an album again, but that reload from all that time leisure, it's like starting over a bit , it gives you fresh sensations ”.

9 - Creative Blocks:

“They are not total, I always get the syndrome of being a blank page , ( I'm going to start something to have where this is going) , especially if I have the pressure to do something, sometimes you get into those jobs, you have to finish a music from a movie or finish something and then that moment may not be the right time for those things to come out, but in general the obstacles have had more to do with being able to finish the songs as I would like and not abandon them for There, there are times that yes and there are times that no; they don't come out and bye, I think I learned a bit not to be so obsessive ”.

10 - The scenarios:

"At first they were circuits of clubs, bars and underground things that were quite slum and then I went to bigger places, I was in stadiums, and more than that I don't know, (already playing on the moon), because it is a huge thing. What happened to us, but it seems to me that the key is a bit to enjoy everything , I think it is not the same to speak to seventy thousand people than to speak to an audience , there is something more theatrical and closer to it is true, but it is also a challenge that bestial energy of a packed stadium synchronizing; it seems that distances did not exist ”.

11 - The worst:

“Simply when one goes on automatic pilot with the press , it is a moment when it is not good, but that depends a lot on the state of mind of one and the interlocutor.

The truth is that sometimes I feel like a robot talking about something that I do not know if it is really like that and in the end something intangible like music begins to transform into a kind of idea that does not close me either, then I think the worst thing is a bit of that, what if I don't allow it to be extended too much in time , a month on tour and then home and rest and do other things ”.

Excerpts taken from the interview in Los Imposibles - Onda La Superestación (2009)

12 - An image, a style:

“When we started with Soda , the first reviews were terrible, from older fellow musicians saying ( these are not going to last ten minutes) , to the media reviews were terrible, pointing towards the frivolity of the look.

What I was doing at that time was just the opposite, as they gave me more out there, the more I insisted because the situation was ( we are going to win due to fatigue ), but it is evident that we also reached moments of great ridicule ”.

13 - The vinyl:

" The human race lives by restricting its hearing capacity to the extent that we continue to prioritize practicality over quality , (I have a studio, I go and get good machines, everything goes in to record better and better and I can play more with all those tools we have) , so that later it is gutted, tremendously that I know through a telephone, all very well but it is a business.

Let's talk truthfully, it's a business , I'm not saying it's wrong, they did it with me too, but don't tell me that this is the new, because that is not the new, if it is the new it is useless for me, for The novelty for me is to release a vinyl .

The company was not used to doing it and somehow I insisted on that and I insist even from a marketing place , maybe it doesn't sell much, it will be for fetish or what do I know; when you see the vinyl you understand the cover (Cover) and when you listen to the vinyl you understand the sound, I mean that I am also interested in betting on formats that sound good ”.

14 - The musical evolution:

"The evolution is relative in the aspect of whether the music is better or worse, I don't know if we can say that it is better, there are times when things are more fluid, this is an excellent musical moment, a lot of bands are coming out where they have recovered the vocal issue , psychedelia, shitting in the form, people who are doing things in different parts of the world and it seems to me that they are looking to get a little out of the mold and take other elements ”.

Excerpts taken from the interview in Basta de Todo - Metro 95.1 (09/17/09)

Finally, we leave you with this good documentary that recounts the entire process of creation and production of his latest solo album Fuerza Natural .

Gustavo Cerati

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