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✅ El COMUNICADO, ✅ NOTA O ✅ BOLETÍN de PRENSA es una herramienta para conectarnos con medios de comunicación y periodistas musicales.

Getting attention from independent magazines and blogs is almost always a huge boost for a musician trying to build their career step by step.

The first approach to these media, or those who write for them, usually involves a press release or press release : a concise text (appropriate image attached) with the aim of arousing interest and providing the basic information of your project.

We live in a new era for music and the abundance of information is the new standard, yes, press releases are still read, but in this sea of ​​information it is necessary to turn them around. Some things to keep in mind when making your press release:

🪐 The visual concept:

A newsletter that draws attention is key when connecting with the person who is going to navigate through it, an aesthetic and visual concept will make your newsletter or press release attractive and in addition to this, the first sentences are fundamental and forceful to interest the journalist who has hundreds of other emails in his inbox with the same objective.

This is still a basic tool for telling these media about an event, launch, news or product associated with an artist's music.

Currently the shipment is made through the web, what has not changed is the need to make it concise, brief and clear.

💎 The subject line in the email:

This is one of the most important texts that your email will carry , since after hundreds of emails that reach journalists and music media daily, a key moment is when they read the subject lines of the email to deduce what is behind it. mail before opening it and that is where with a clear subject you will draw attention to enter your mail.

Note: many journalists open all the emails that come to them, but sometimes there are so many that it can take a long time, so if you can earn their attention from the moment you send it, it will be much better.

Getting your email to be clicked the first time is half the battle, that's why we share some ideas to achieve some very effective subject lines .

📌 Communicate "urgency":

Subject lines in emails that create a sense of urgency can lead to a 22% higher open rate.

📌 Customize your subject line:

This part is vital as it will build some trust and probably establish a long term relationship , address the person by name.

📌 Communicates "social proof"

You can send them an email subject line stating how many people are currently following your music project or how many are waiting for your release and your fan base , if the numbers are good you can attract attention quickly.

Here we provide you with a small guide to send an email to the media presenting the material of your musical group with some examples.

Every day many of these emails reach the press or opinion leaders, some accompanied by images, audios and interactive content , others that have nothing to do with the interests and characteristics of the medium.

Do not send your communication to media that are not interested in your proposal , you have to filter the media to which you are going to send your mail and of course that it reaches those who really need it.

📣 The press release as a strategy

Be very selective with the media to which you will send your information, being sure that it is the right medium or person is part of a good previous search and really knowing the approach of the media to which you will send your mail.

If the medium is mostly talking about the Rock genre, don't send tropical music, that's not the way to go for that press release, you will waste valuable minutes and effort.

🎯 Frequency of sending the note or newsletter

Do not send a newsletter every day , you should try to make sure that the frequency of sending is very timely and that it is linked to a good moment in your career, that is, when there is something interesting to say , this will add those communicative forces to your process around a launch or a clear objective of your project.

☎️ Track the shipment:

Seek to follow up on subsequent days by communicating directly with the specialized media to let them know that you sent them that information and incidentally invite them to participate in the moment of your musical career , hopefully with a call so as not to influence new emails (of course, when you give the possibilities to call them and make an approach)

🔎 Spell checking and editing:

Never send the release without the advice of someone who can supervise the writing and have sufficient criteria to preserve useful data and discard redundant data.

Take good care of your spelling , because this if it bothers many journalists and they will never receive your mail in those conditions.

🎁 Key tips:

✅ The extension should not be more than 4 paragraphs
✅ Start with what is news
✅ Finish with the contact information
✅ Always send it to the appropriate media
✅ Do not abuse adjectives or technicalities
✅ You must help the journalist understand your music

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