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HERRAMIENTAS ONLINE GRATUITAS ✅ para editar, cortar, pegar y transformar archivos de word, PDF, Videos, Audios, fotografías y muchas más. ⚡ 123APPS

There are moments when we find ourselves almost with our hands tied when it comes to changing the format of an audio or making a small modification to our videos or going from a text format to PDF , it turns out that you are on a public computer or at the house of that friend who you do not have and will not have these tools installed on your computer.

This happened to me recently when I was thinking of modifying some documents and audio and video content to transfer to someone in an email, but I found that the place where I was did not have these tools installed .

Fortunately on the web there is everything and for everyone, browsing a little I came to a series or suite of online tools that will save our lives as musicians:

A sound converter , editor and generator with thousands of options, video and PDF converter and editor, music converter and many more options including a file extractor .

I present you 123APPS a series or suite of online tools, easy to use, secure, free, that run from the browser.

In each of the tools you can upload the files directly from your computer , from Dropbox , Google Drive or from a link .

What does this suite of online tools contain? 🧰


▷ 1 Split PDF :

Split a PDF file or choose only a few pages.

▷ 2 Combine PDF:

Merge multiple PDF files into one quickly and easily.

▷ 3 Compress PDF:

Reduce the size of a PDF file.

▷ 4 Convert PDF to Word:

Convert PDF files to Word (doc, docx) to make them editable.

▷ 5 Convert Word to PDF:

Convert Word files (doc, docx) to PDF.

▷ 6 Convert PDF to Excel:

Convert PDF tables to Excel (xls, xlsx) so they can be edited.

▷ 7 Convert Excel to PDF:

Convert an Excel table (xls, xlsx) to PDF

▷ 8 PDF to JPG:

Save each page of a PDF file as a single JPG image or extract embedded images.

▷ 9 JPG to PDF :

Combine multiple JPG images into a single PDF file.

▷ 10 Convert PNG to PDF:

Combine multiple PNG images into a single PDF file.

▷ 11 Convert PDF to PNG:

Save each page of the PDF as individual PNG image or extract embedded images.

▷ 12 Convert PDF to HTML:

Convert PDF to HTML without losing text or formatting.

▷ 13 Unlock PDF:

Remove password from PDF or encryption, and unlock protected documents.

▷ 14 Protect PDF with password:

Protect your PDF files: Encrypt files with a password.

▷ 15 Rotate PDF:

Rotate multiple pages of the PDF or change the orientation of all pages.

▷ 16 Convert PowerPoint to PDF:

Convert PowerPoint presentations (ppt, pptx) to PDF and make them open easily from any device.

▷ 17 Add page numbers or number to PDF:

Add page numbers to a PDF document, number the pages quickly and easily.


Archive Extractor is a small and simple online tool that allows you to extract content from more than 70 types of compressed files, such as:

Supported formats:

7z, zipx, rar, tar, exe, dmg, iso, zip, msi, nrg, gz, cab, bz2, wim, ace alz, ar, arc, arj, bin, cdi, chm, cpt, cpio, cramfs, crunch , deb, dd, dms, ext, fat, format, gpt, hfs, ihex, lbr, lzh, lzma, lzm, mbr, mdf, nsa, nds, nsis, ntfs, pit, pak, pdf, pp, qcow2, rpm , sar, squashfs, squeeze, sit, sitx, swf, udf, uefi, vdi, vhd, vmdk, warc, xar, xz, z, zoo, zi, jar

Supports password protected archives Can extract content from multi-part archives (zip.001, rar.part1, z01, etc)


▷ 19 CUT AUDIO :

✅ Audio Cutter

is an online application to cut audio recordings directly in the browser. It's fast and safe, it supports over 300 formats, you can smoothly increase the volume of the track, or save recordings as a ringtone - and all of this is absolutely free!

✅ Gentle increase or decrease in volume:

In this program you can set a slight increase in volume at the beginning (fade in), and a decrease or attenuation (fade out) at the end of the cut track. This turns out to be very useful, if you want to make a melody for your mobile phone. See also tips for cutting music.

Extract sound from video:

With the help of our program you can extract the sound from a video. This is very useful if you want to save a fragment of an audio track from a movie or a video clip.

Cutting songs online:

You can cut the track directly in your browser window with just a few clicks. Upload the file, cut a fragment and save it on your computer.

Create ringtones for iPhone:

With the push of a single button, the application will create a ringtone for your iPhone, and save the track in m4r format, cutting it up to 40 seconds. You can then upload your ringtone using iTunes.

Safety guarantee:

Only you will have access to the file you have uploaded. It's safe: when the job is done, the file will be automatically deleted from our server.

The format you want:

Our service recognizes more than 300 sound and video formats, and we are constantly working to improve these capabilities.

Free online service to convert your sound files. The application supports all formats, works fast and it is not necessary to install any program on the computer.

Conversion into package:

The application can convert several files at the same time, with the possibility of compressing them into a ZIP file to speed up the download.

Work with any format:

Our converter recognizes more than 300 audio and video formats. It can convert files into MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, AMR, MP2 and M4R (for iPhone ringtones).

Advanced settings:

You can select the quality, the bitrate (the bitrate), the frequency and the number of channels, reverse the track, gently increase the volume, or even remove the voice.

✅ Online audio inverter

Another feature of the advanced options.

✅ Tag support:

You can change the name, artist, album, year and genre of the composition. Supports tags for mp3, ogg, flac, wav formats.

Online Audio Joiner:

Free online program that allows you to join several tracks in a composition. The application supports crossfade and opens all known formats.

Perfect union (crossfade):

The crossfade function allows songs to be joined in such a way that switching from one to the other is smooth and unnoticed by the listener.

✅ Join songs online:

The program allows to join several tracks in a composition directly in the browser, without installing programs on the computer.

Unlimited number of tracks:

In the app there are no limitations on the number of tracks you can join.

Interval setting:

An exact range of sound can be set for each track. The blue sliders are used for this. They can be moved with the mouse or with the arrows on the keyboard.

Online Voice Recorder:

Voice Recorder - is a comfortable and simple online dictaphone that works directly in the browser. It allows recording the voice through the microphone and saving the file in mp3.

Trimming recordings:

After the recording is finished, you can cut out only the part you need.

Free online dictaphone :

Our online dictaphone is completely free. There are no hidden fees at all, no fees to activate licenses or additional features.

Automatic silence detection:

The online dictaphone detects low volume areas at the beginning and end of the track, and automatically removes them for your convenience.

Microphone setting:

You can change the parameters of your microphone, using standard Adobe Flash Player instruments (echo reduction and recording volume adjustment).



Online Video Cutter:

This web application will be useful if you need to cut a small video file online. It does not need to be installed and it works directly in the browser.

Trimming videos:

Cropping allows you to select the desired area of ​​the image by cropping the edges or changing the aspect ratio of the video.

Rotate the video:

You can rotate the video 90, 180 or 270 degrees. It is very useful, if a horizontal scene has been recorded vertically, or vice versa.

Online video cutting :

The application allows you to cut videos in your browser window in online mode. It supports formats up to 500 MB, and we will increase this volume very soon.


Online video converter:

Free web application to convert video from one format to another, allowing you to change the format, resolution and size of the video, directly in the browser.

Support of h265 / HVEC:

We regularly update the codec support for our programs and always work with their newest versions.

Files up to 2 Gb:

You can upload videos of up to 2 GB to the application. The download speed will only depend on the speed of your Internet connection.

High conversion speed:

Conversion of video files is done on powerful servers and is usually faster compared to conversion on your personal computer.

No file limit:

Our online converter, unlike other services, does not have file quantity limitations. Convert as many as you like.

More than 300 formats:

Currently the application recognizes more than 300 audio and video formats, and this number is increasing more and more.

Online Video Recorder:

Video Recorder - online application to record videos and take photos directly in the browser.

It is a simple tool with flexible camera and sound settings, it quickly processes files and allows you to record videos of unlimited duration.

Flexible settings:

You can adjust the main parameters of video recording directly in your browser: select the quality, set a mirror mode and expand to full screen.

You can also adjust the sound volume and activate the echo reduction function.

Long-time video recording:

The application allows you to record videos of unlimited duration. You can also record your videos on your computer, on Google Drive or Dropbox.

If you know of other online tools that help all the readers of this website, leave your recommendation in the comment box. 🙌


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