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El PORTAFOLIO MUSICAL ✅ o DOSSIER, ✅ es una herramienta que te ayudará a llevar tu proyecto al siguiente nivel.

Entering the music industry poses many challenges and among the main ones is that the basic information of an artist circulates freely and reaches those interested in a timely, clear and practical way. The music portfolio is the best tool to organize this information.


This is chapter 15 of the Web Manual for Musicians series , a product of the New Mexico Ministry of Culture , with the original idea and development of Poliedro .


Chapter 1 - The challenges of a musical project

Chapter 2 - Marketing of the media

Chapter 3 - Circulation of content and copyright

Chapter 4 - Proposal of scene and evaluation of the live presentation

Chapter 5 - Tools for making technical requirements

Chapter 6 - Sound field and monitoring

Chapter 7 - The Basic Presence of a Band on the Internet

Chapter 8 - Digital Strategy

Chapter 9 - Online Music

Chapter 10 - Youtube

Chapter 11 - The Strategic Plan

Chapter 12 - Work Schedule

Chapter 13 - Budget

Chapter 14 - Co-financing with platforms and brands

Chapter 15 - The Portfolio

Chapter 16 - The Press Release

Chapter 17 - The Flyer

Chapter 18 - The Clip

Chapter 19 - Merchandising

Chapter 20 - Discus Throw

Chapter 21 - Promoting a Concert

Chapter 22 - Strategic Alliances with Media

Why should I have a music portfolio?

Entering the music industry poses many challenges, the main ones being that the basic information of an artist circulates and reaches the hands of interested professionals in a clear and practical way.

The musical portfolio is the best tool to organize this information, it should basically have three strong points:

Concept and identity:

Demonstrate the concept and identity of the band in a totally clear and decipherable language for anyone who can understand it, from a user who enters the web page, if it is an EPK or multimedia or if it is a printed brochure a programmer of an international or national festival that makes it clear that it is a punk proposal with alternative rock fusions or it is psychedelic cumbia.

The validity of the band:

You should talk a lot about the validity of the band, that is, understand the importance of updating current products.

It is not enough to have my portfolio from 10 years ago when I was number one in such a station, but to talk about recent figures, hopefully last year, not only talk about those great glories of the past.

Information organization:

You must have a very specific and clear taxonomy, there is no standard model but there is a series of minimum components that a portfolio should have.

In the basic portfolio you should have a very short biography, you do not have to put all the shows or all the festivals where you have played, a very specific very short thing where it is clearly stated who your band is, three or four very important things that they have done and what music does.

Also put live photos of the band where whoever is hiring you looks there 500 or 200 or 100 people following the band.

Live videos are essential and here you must bear in mind that making an investment in hiring someone to go and record your concert is very important, with that you can really sell and say "look what my band manages to do".


Although it sounds obvious, you can not miss the email contacts, telephone numbers and place of residence. Believe it or not, it is common to find musical portfolios that omit this information.

There is a basic structure that Poliedro in conjunction with the New Mexico Ministry of Culture designed Manual for the Creation of Musical Portfolios (CPM) , a very well designed manual which has very clear and very specific tips that will help you organize your portfolio and it will give you some elements of success.

✅ Handling of texts

✅ Multimedia material

✅ Audios: we recommend that you have five songs that represent the diversity and repertoire and strength of your proposal.

✅ High-quality videos and photos

✅ Contact details

✅ Statistics: where we are going to talk about the number of followers in the networks, fan club, number of shows with four or five clips.

✅ Press releases: important news that has been taken from you

Final tips:

📌 Attach a summary of your technical rider .

📌 Show that the musical project is current .

📌 List of pages or platforms where you share your music

📌 The most impressive figures you have in networks.


Original Idea and Development ( Poliedro ), Series design, production, realization and assembly (Chucky García, Nicolás Méndez) Locution (Edson Velandia) With the participation of ( Electric Mistakes ) Music by ( Electric Mistakes , Frente Cumbiero , Mitú , Romperayo ) Field Support (Irene Maldonado), Collaboration (El Cisne, Rhayuela Films , Tambora Records )