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Un PLAN ESTRATÉGICO en la MÚSICA ✅ te ayudará a enfocarte en el desarrollo profesional y sostenible del proyecto musical. ✅

🎯 What is a Strategic Plan in music?

A strategic plan is much more than a document where you record everything planned with your musical project , it is really the essential beacon of your project, that path that you have to carry out in order to have the results you want.

It is generally established for 1 or 2 years with a clear work schedule and objectives .

This is the plan that will strengthen the growth of your musical project at a professional level , within the industry and focused on sustainability .

🧐 Why make a strategic plan?

In music, writing about what a project is about is as important as composing , having a strategic plan , explaining what it is about, how it is going to be done and why it is done, it helps you focus on the economic development of the project .

It is important to have a clear strategy of how you are going to get out with the album or release , what music you are going to make , who you are going to direct it to, what doors you are going to touch in terms of media , in terms of promoters , of festivals .

On this basis you have the whole clear picture to make a plan and a work schedule for the launch of your project.

📝 How to establish a strategy?

To organize a strategy you must educate yourself, become more professional around what you are going to do, in commercial terms, in musical terms, in terms of relationship with the music industry .

Normally artists or groups want to make a living from their music, but they do not see it as a company and they do not have a business model to make the musical project something that transcends borders and is self-sustaining.

The strategic plan is the most important thing for your career as a musician to grow in sustainable terms, the first questions you should ask yourself are:

🎯 Do you want to make a living from music? 🎯 do you want to have a sustainable project?

The strategic plan can be projected for 1 or 2 years and each time a stage of the process is completed it must be redrafted.

These are the essential points of a Strategic Plan:

✅ A concise presentation with background and achievements of the music project

✅ General objective and specific objectives

✅ Schedule with dates that establish when each objective will be developed

✅ Justification as the most important point of the plan

By strategically planning your next steps over time you will have better results in organizing the activities that will help you boost your music.

For example, when you are about to release an album, you must make use of contacts , previous press reviews , comments from people who have already listened to your music and all the necessary elements for the next release, put all this on the table and plan more effectively the next steps for your launch.

Where will the album go? Where will such a single be released? , To which journalists will we send the music? And through which channels will the release come out? , are questions that will help you build your strategy.

💠 The strategy is step by step with details

Once you finish the album, the strategic part begins there , you make an expectation perhaps with some good content and gradually measure the response of people as they receive the expectation.

The same thing happens with a tour , you plan where and when to play with what conditions and in which places you will be, everything written, planned to seek to obtain live events and in turn grow your fan base or database of followers.

🔰 The short, medium and long term goals

Establish short , medium and long-term goals , something like being a benchmark in your city of origin, then scale to the country level and then gradually seek to position yourself internationally.

Go from small to large to be in control of what is planned and do not give up trying to find quick exits.

Determining what the contribution of your musical project is , will help you find the essential points to know for sure what the added value you have.

Doing a more in-depth study with a SWOT analysis tool (Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths and Threats) will help you create a much more solid strategic plan with more concrete objectives .

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