⭐ What should an artist have to attract the attention of a record label looking for new talent? Part 2

Serie de tips para conocer el movimiento en la música y las tendencias actuales en términos de lo que buscan los sellos discográficos frente a los artistas independientes.

Today we give continuity to a subject that we had been dealing with for some time, all the necessary aspects that an artist must have for a record label to "sign" it.

The objective of these articles is none other than to show what record labels are thinking about directing the career of a new artist, this will help us to know the movement and current trends in terms of what record labels are looking for And to draw our own conclusions, if it is really the path we want to follow as artists and if it is not this, then take more advantage of the advice of experts on the subject.

Make sure you have read the first part of this content, don't worry, here we will be waiting for you:

Look at your surroundings and preparation.

  1 - Improve your shows by studying the bands or recitals that you like and that are already linked to a record company. What do they do that you don't? Think about their image, their music, and the way they relate to their fans. What things work in your shows? What things can you improve?

  2 - Record companies are not looking for "promising talent" to spend money on and hope for the best. They seek to invest in distinguished professional individuals or groups with whom they can make a profit. Their investment in your music depends on your professionalism and commitment to your craft, your product, and your image.

  3 - Start doing shows locally. When you've put together a consistent material, start playing at bars or other places where people gather to listen to music.

Take a look first at the shows that take place in those venues to make sure of the type of people who will be coming to your presentation.

  4 - Start with one or two shows per month until you have built a consistent following. Once this is achieved, you can increase the number of recitals to one per week and then expand by doing more regional shows. Don't do the coast-to-coast tour until you know you can put on your weekly shows without any inconvenience.

Excerpts taken from Wikihow

  5 - Strengthen your social influence, for this it is necessary to have many influencers. I've seen how more and more record companies appeal to their artists' social media followers.

You must create actions that are developed on Twitter and Facebook generally and thus increase your community. That said, the accumulated influencers that follow you will add up to your final proposal.

  6 - Record your best 3-5 songs with optimal production, without good songs you won't get anywhere, so I advise you not to take a firm step until you have those 5 premium songs.

In this section, the quality of the producer is as important as that of the composer, but in order to get a record deal, you must spin fine.

  7 - Record a video, this point is very important since most of the Repertory Assistants of the record companies almost the first thing they usually do is "bug" your social environment and of course YouTube. Of the 5 selected songs, you must choose the top one and record a video.

The video must attract attention in the first 10 seconds and have a denouement and an ending, that is, create a story. Today this aspect is very affordable and its success will only depend on a good song and a better story.

Excerpts taken from Musicalizza

  8 - Wait for the response from the company but do not "drill" the person to whom you have sent the track through means such as Facebook, AIM, Messenger, SKype, or pressure them to answer you because the first answer could be NO. At the most, send him an email reminder after a couple or three weeks.

  9 - Preparation of a promotional clipping, it was time to collect all the content of interest previously generated. In a clipping or dossier we will offer short but resounding headlines such as:
  • The number of influencers on social media (if you have an acceptable number)
  • Short video summarizing those unique special actions you have organized.
  • songs
  • Video clip

You can do it in video format or through a landing page, but for record companies to listen to you, you should be brief in all aspects and get to the point. We seek impact by offering you the product with valuable ingredients.

Material Shipment

  1 - Send your material in high quality. If you use the MP3 format, make sure that your song is at 320kps otherwise its sound quality will not be appreciated. The better the quality in which you submit your work, the greater the attention that will be paid to you.

  2 - You can upload the songs to servers such as yousendit, sendspace or similar and send a link to A&R but, please, do not share that song with 1000 other people because your project will automatically cease to be of interest to the label. In the same way, I recommend that you do not put your project for "promotion" on Soundcloud or somewhere for free downloads.

  3 - Do not waste time designing beautiful covers because what interests the person who listens to music is that, THE MUSIC. They won't sign a theme for you because you're a better or a worse designer. The label is the one that deals with cover design issues once your music has been signed.

  4 - Write only to the address that you know the company has to receive material. Many times sending messages to several emails generates a negative response. Be patient.

Sections taken from EMPO Mas Label

  5 - Create a cover letter, think of this as a job application for your music. It generally consists of a photo, your demo, a band bio, and any comments, critiques, interviews, or reviews your band has received.

  6 - At this point, a good way to start is to style your image. When the musical part is working perfectly, think about your style, your accessories and whatever your band considers positive to stand out from the crowd. Does your band have a symbol or some aesthetic quality? How can you represent your music visually?

Excerpts taken from Wikihow

  7 - Consider making videos or editing live material and uploading it to YouTube. This is an increasingly popular way to listen to music and is relatively stress-free for you. You just have to make sure you upload quality material.

A&R (Artist and Repertoire)

  1 - The A&R of a company is a person who usually receives a lot of material every day and is trained in listening and selecting it with a simple "click". Please, the first thing you have to do is SEND FINISHED PROJECTS. They won't notice you if you send bits of unfinished songs or ideas.

  2 - Don't write three pages long to present a project. Many times a brief description of who you are and the things you have done are enough for the A&R to get an idea of ​​where the project is coming from. Never forget to include your contact information, name, email, skype, telephone numbers and social networks.

Sections taken from EMPO Mas Label

  3 - Create unique actions, this point will give you personality to the project and will be in charge of attracting the attention of the A&R of the record companies. Invent events that get out of the routine, out of the ordinary and try to generate pleasant experiences among the attendees. Important, record it all on video, then you will see why.

  4 - Do not despair in trying and if you are not lucky, keep creating songs, optimize your product and opt for one of the many existing possibilities to launch a musical proposal without a great record company, it is the good thing that the technological tsunami brings!

Excerpts taken from Musicalizza

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