⚡ How to make or develop a musical project? these are 6 steps to structure and carry out your project

Pasos para estructurar y llevar a cabo un proyecto de música: ✅  ¿cómo es la organización?, ¿qué se necesita? y ¿cómo presento y elaboro mi proyecto musical?

Generally we start a musical project without any pretense, well some do, but almost all of us do it for the simple pleasure of playing with friends, when this becomes more than a hobby and we decide to work hard to professionalize our project, we do not know how to start clearly.

Here are six steps to take into account to structure our musical project, surely many things will happen to me, I hope that in the comments they will help me to complement it:

1. Internal stationery:

You must have in your digital or physical documents (preferably digital for updating reasons) the resume of the band, which contains minimally biography, repertoire, discography, members and staff with exact data, history of concerts and events, technical rider and stage plot or location on stage.

These items are reserved, you will use them as you are asked somewhere for project data such as member data, or event history or even attach your biography and repertoire as in almost all festivals.

We recommend this book in PDF:

Guide to understanding the music business as an entrepreneur

2. Newspaper stationery or Press Kit:

If you can have a Press Kit on the web it is much more usual

It contains music, biography, large-format photos, EPK promotional video (Optional), video clip and live videos, press articles, contacts and social networks.

Note: make sure the info can be easily copied and pasted that it's not in flash or something like that.

The physical press Kit must contain a disc with the audios, a disc with videos and audio press articles, in PDF or crops (screenshot) of the web where your project was reviewed, the biography, good quality photos, description of your show and how to contact you.

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3. Stationery for recruitment:

It is very common when we take our project to managers , event makers , festivals , sponsors or companies that hire artists.

This kit must have your music , hiring proposal (refers to the short description of your show) live videos , event history with approximate attendees, technical instructions to carry out your show, members and staff, a data disc with articles press release in audio , in PDF or crops ( screenshot ) of the website where your project was reviewed, detailed description of your shows, hiring proposal and how to contact them.

If you are wondering how to make a musical brochure, dossier or portfolio? We recommend you take a look at the article.

4. Database or key contacts:

Yes, it is very important to have a good , well-organized database with names and emails of followers , radio , press and anyone who you think will help in some way in your musical career or simply with whom you can share your good music.

5. Website:

A website is like your home , all the people to whom you will publicize your music must come there, we must be clear that the website is the center of all the information that circulates about us, therefore social networks will serve us as strategic means to bring followers to our website.

So building a website in a simple way is vital, there are many tools for this or paying would be a good investment, talk to one of your followers who handles this issue perfectly and they will surely build a site without charging you a lot of money.

In it you must have your music on hand to listen quickly, your videos , your biography , photos and contacts . Try to be easy to access, that everything is at the hand of your follower, think about what is the first thing your fan will see when they arrive at your house. (Necessarily your music)

6. Social networks:

A topic that is quite mentioned, but for this we should not put it aside, social networks are that space for meeting and contact with followers and possible fans of your music, try to keep them well updated , all with the same content as far as possible. possible and do not fill yourself with these, simply act on those that are vital to achieve those goals.

Note: Twitter , Facebook and YouTube are giant networks and therefore you must be minimally in these three, there are other networks specialized in music such as Reverbnation , Soundcloud and Bandcamp , the ideal is that where you are, you have the information updated, organized and that you use communication strategies in each one to suit you.

The points mentioned here are almost necessary to structure our musical project in a very organized way, they are also optional, it is simply tailored to what you want with it, if there are things missing to mention I would love to add them according to your own experience with these processes.

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