✍ How to write a letter or send an email to the media presenting the material of your musical group? [2019]

Pasos para hacer una CARTA de presentación de tu GRUPO MUSICAL a los MEDIOS DE COMUNICACIÓN, ✅ ¿Cómo hacer la invitación y cómo enviar tu música?

To share our musical material effectively, you have to set good goals and good strategies.

One of the most effective ways is alternative media, these reach thousands of people and could share our music with their followers.

Among these are Radio, Television, Magazines, Web Portals, Blogs, Podcasters etc.

Although there is no formula for them to click on your email, there are some basic guidelines to be able to write them a good email that tells them something interesting about the music they will know.

This is what you should keep in mind when sharing your music to the media:

▷ 1 - Know the medium a little, you must direct your mail to media that are related to your musical content, that are willing to receive your material.

▷ 2 - Go directly to the media, you should take the time and talk to each of the media, DO NOT send mass emails , it is annoying to have an email that is not addressed to you directly (at least initially while they know you ), this causes a negative impact.

This negative impact is seen when you get those in charge of the medium to open your email, but they will see that you are deliberately throwing your information to chance, if you go exclusively to each medium you will have many more opportunities since you are talking directly to them even when they receive so many emails with the same goal.

▷ 3 - Make sure that the reading of the mail is made easy , fast and that it has a very clear order , do not stay talking about you and your music, encourage them to listen to it, that they judge their judgment if it is due.

▷ 4 - Make it easy to access your music, whether you send an attached song or a link that is exclusive for this purpose.

Don't look for them to like your Facebook page or to follow you on Twitter or to subscribe to your mailing list in order to listen to your music.

▷ 5 - Send them a specific email that has a clear objective, something like you share your new album or your new song or your video or your concerts etc, something clear and accurate , do not gather all your activities in that same email.

▷ 6 - In this step, you give an example of a letter or mail model to send, it has some basic steps and it aims to serve as a modifiable template of course for the proposed purpose.

PS: If you have more models you can share them in the comment box ▼

NOTE : at the suggestion of one of our readers to whom we thank you for your valuable contribution, we hope you do not copy the letter verbatim, it is a very basic model and it is not attractive or creative, surely you will do better with something cooler.

Taken and adjusted from: Letter Model in this portal you can find countless letters with different objectives that will serve you according to what you want to share or announce, it is up to you how you adjust it.
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ...........

City / Country ___of _______ of ______

(Media name)
The city

Receive a warm greeting,

We are getting in touch with you to let you know about the release of XXXX's latest album, a group of the XXXXX genre from the city of XXXXXXX which has been in the music scene for XXXX years, the album that we will launch is titled XXXXX,

That is why, through this letter, we make the following PROPOSAL:

The launch will be the next XXXX in the city of XXXXX at XXX, a live event at XXXXXX. We would like to make this musical material available to you and your followers so that it can be freely shared apart from it on your web portal.

I am attaching the single to promote the album and in this exclusive media link you can listen to the entire album prior to its release. www.enlacedisco.com

A tender greeting

Name of the grouping representative

(Official representative of "XXXXXXX")
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ...........

This is an approach to how to write a letter to the media so that they know our material, in no case is it an established or mandatory guideline, surely there are thousands of ways to write a good letter to the media, I hope that in the message box comment on another way or experiences to share your material.

Cover letter of a musical group:

In the same way, you can present your musical group by attaching your biography and talking a bit about the sound style, you can also talk about the achievements they have had as a group and it is very important to talk about the plan they have to continue their musical career.

Letter to invite the media to your events:

Prepare a good space for the media that you will invite and of course direct this invitation in advance to the media you consider.

Keep in mind that some will not go to your event due to the fact that they are quite busy and do not have enough staff to come to cover your event, yes, for those who assure you that they will go to the event you have invited, try to have certain conditions , like a good space where they have a good view of the show, if you can have a catering space or some drinks as a courtesy it would be well received (this will not make them speak well of your music, but it will make them speak well of your music, but it will make them speak well of your good host)

If they take some time from you, keep them informed of everything before and after the event, this will make them have a good connection.