🚀 How to release a DISC / MUSICAL ALBUM or a SONG / SINGLE in 2020?

¿Cómo hacer el lanzamiento de un DISCO MUSICAL?, ¿Cómo lanzar tu CANCIÓN?, ✅ Estrategias para aprovechar el potencial de tu música en un lanzamiento.

A few days ago, the training component of the SABANETOKE 2020 festival ended in New Mexico, a festival that has been held year after year since 2011 in the city of Sabaneta Massachusetts - New Mexico , very close to Arizona.

This training component was carried out through group meetings via Zoom and shared with the general public through Facebook live. A series of conversations with experts on all things to do with the music industry, music project management and music marketing .

In this article we decided to take sections and key ideas from one of the talks that were made at this festival and that has to do directly with the launch of a song or album and the strategies that can be applied to give greater strength to the launch.

This talk was titled Strategies to launch a song on digital platforms by Sebastián Regino (lead singer of the group Johnie All Stars and currently A & R of the American label Cinq Music .

So if you want to make your launch effective in this or next year, keep in mind this series of recommendations. Welcome!

🔬 What platform to choose to distribute the music? 😬

It is recommended to start with a company or company that is responsible for bringing the music to all possible platforms, you must take into account the distribution contract and keep in mind the percentage that they will charge you for that service.

The conditions vary according to the platform, some let you take 100% of your song, but the artist does the whole process of uploading the songs, the collection is done through a fee (fixed fee) and other companies will ask you for a percentage, 15%, 20% or 30% regularly

The latter offer you a service to upload the music , marketing , pitch (a presentation that is made for a playlist editor to consider the option of including your song).

Recommendations for music distribution:

This process consists of taking your music to these companies for you to distribute, once this is done you must bear in mind that when distributing a song two special codes are generated that will keep track of the reproductions of your music and the sales of it.

These codes are ISRC (it is a code that is given to each single which will serve to keep track of reproductions ) and UPC (it is a barcode that is generally assigned to each album or each single, precisely to keep track of sales. ) both are delivered by the distributor at the time of taking your music to the platforms.

💡 In this guide on music platform distribution you will understand all the details of this process.

Keep in mind that these codes belong to you and when you end a contract with one of these companies, you must request these codes so that you can take to the new company all the data generated during the time you were with that distributor, if you do not have them you will not be able to take the register the same songs with the new distributor and you will end up starting from 0 with the data.

🔮 How do I present my music?


You must have adequate material in terms of quality , a file. WAV with the best possible quality because many of these platforms adjust the audio files to some standards and quality can be lost in that process, so it must be in the best possible quality.

Cover or Cover:

A square image or photograph or what is known as a ratio ( 1: 1 aspect ratio) showing the name of the song and the name of the artist.

Try to be of the highest quality, the platforms require to deliver this image in the size (3000 x 3000) or the maximum size of (5000 x 5000).


You cannot publish something without this information, here you can put all the data of those involved in the creation of that phonogram or that song, performers, authors, composers, etc.

📡 What can be done when releasing a song?

The first thing is to understand where my musical project is, a marketing strategy is not the same as a metal band would do to an urban music artist.

As an example, Sebastián Regino says " the jazz, salsa, and metal public make album releases because people enjoy the full album more, otherwise urban music that releases singles or singles as a constant strategy ."

Choose a date:

You must be very careful about the dates where your launch should come out, think very strategically that date so that a day is not launched where people are scattered by any festive or celebratory situation.

Take care of delivery times to the platforms , deliver at least one month the audio files, metadata and covers to be able to schedule those launches in good weather.

Fridays are days of worldwide releases because the platforms through their publishers are delivering to the playlists the new releases of that day, a consolidated that many people worldwide have joined as the best day to release new music.

Obviously this is an optional launch day, if you do not want to enter that dynamic there is no problem, you can launch the day you want, but if your intention is to enter the platform playlist, you must do it on a Friday.

Constancy in the process:

One of the things that most limit a musical project is consistency, you should establish a process of publications and constantly sharing content .

Schedule your publications in good weather , all the content you want to make the songs known in the best way. You should also create a calendar to keep in mind that it should be done at a fixed time and on a fixed date.

Launch plan:

Establish a series of actions to include in the plan as a programming, where you stipulate that you are going to spend certain days with the new content, if possible even to re-release songs that you had previously had, this can serve to keep the audience connected to your music.

Social networks do not work as something linear, many times the connected people who could not see your song due to limitations of the algorithm or their connectivity times, will be able to see it today and it will be a surprise for them, so do not stop insisting on that catalog that you bring and that you have already released, for many it will be a novelty.

🎁 Special recommendations:

Once you launch your music and it is already available, you can claim the profiles of some platforms :

Spotify For Artist:

You can upload your profile and cover image , put your biography , links to some social networks , access detailed statistics such as in which playlist your song has included, how many followers reach your profile and how many monthly listeners you have and from which territories you they listen.

¿Cómo hacer el lanzamiento de un DISCO MUSICAL?, ¿Cómo lanzar tu CANCIÓN?, ✅ Estrategias para aprovechar el potencial de tu música en un lanzamiento.

You can also share updates with fans through an artist's pick or promotional artist cards that will appear on your profile where you can choose a new release or a playlist of your liking.

¿Cómo hacer el lanzamiento de un DISCO MUSICAL?, ¿Cómo lanzar tu CANCIÓN?, ✅ Estrategias para aprovechar el potencial de tu música en un lanzamiento.

Even if you have concerts, you can connect it to another tool called ▷ Song kick that will serve to program the schedule of your concerts , get and invite followers and to be shown in the tour section within the Spotify platform.

¿Cómo hacer el lanzamiento de un DISCO MUSICAL?, ¿Cómo lanzar tu CANCIÓN?, ✅ Estrategias para aprovechar el potencial de tu música en un lanzamiento.

Apple for Artist:

By claiming this profile you can upload your personalized artist image , access the statistics of reproductions , sales and territories where your music has been listened to.

¿Cómo hacer el lanzamiento de un DISCO MUSICAL?, ¿Cómo lanzar tu CANCIÓN?, ✅ Estrategias para aprovechar el potencial de tu música en un lanzamiento.

📺 Strategies to launch a song on digital platforms

⏳ Finally, we leave you with 5 special Tips that will complement the ideas and strategies to make your launch more effective. 😎

1 - Do not publish your material the same day that the master or the pressed discs arrive:

This is the # 1 mistake we see in all bands, which have spent months, if not years, on their album and want people to listen to them in that instant, that's understandable, however, contrary to what it may seem like. Intuition, you greatly reduce the amount of people who hear your music by posting it right away.

Do you think bands like Phoenix or MGMT released their records this way? no, their record companies plan the publication well in advance and do it at the most advantageous moment, after building a noise beforehand with the press and with their fans.

You must start with the announcement of the release date of 3 to 6 months in advance to meet deadlines in the media, raise awareness and start building noise on your disk.

✅ 2 - Make a to-do list and check it twice:

First things first, you must send your music to bloggers and digital magazines to increase your fan base, you have to start with the appropriate media according to the audience you are looking for.

It is convenient to do a research of the best digital publications of discs similar to yours and your type of music, then send it to the most appropriate people to make the dissemination, if you want a review, you will send it directly to the music editor.

💡 In this article we give you some very good tips to send emails with your music to the media and journalists .

NOTE: don't send your "electro pop" album to a writer who only covers bands like " Neil Young ", no matter how good it is, you won't get coverage from him.

3 - Strategic MP3:

Here is the good news to avoid having to wait for the publication of your album, this does not mean that you should publish all your music, in fact, we recommend publishing an mp3 immediately (with a small prior plan to achieve coverage) and start to receive feedback (feedback) and also to test how people are reacting.

If you want coverage on blogs, you can offer them at least one downloadable mp3 via Soundcloud for their followers, this is a great way to build press to increase interest in the future fan, thus increasing the probability of a successful launch.

4 - EPK electronic press kit:

To delve into the subject of the Press Kit we recommend this article:

Your website can serve as an EPK, an electronic press kit must contain a high resolution photo (at least 300 dpi), biography, mp3 or streaming audios that can be heard.

Create a media page for our clients based on the information that has circulated in the media about our music, this may contribute to increasing press coverage.


To create a strong story angle that definitely talks about you and hasn't been told before.

Large advertising photo:

Visit some of your favorite blogs to see what kind of photos they publish, this will give you ideas about it, a visual story should be told about your band, do not hesitate to invest and look for a good photo with a professional who takes the best capture.


No   Include your entire album or EP on your website before the release date, you should only have one or two Wav's, already released.

The album can be released through sites like Bandcamp or Soundcloud with unique passwords or codes to give exclusive access to the media.

Press news

If you have had newspaper articles, you should include it with quotes, showing the highest profile or the best reviews at the top of the EPK page.


If you don't have a website, you can use online platforms to build an EPK with a good visual presence and with all the access tools for media and clients who want to have this information about your band.

We propose these three platforms:

5 - Social networks:

For a good strategy in social networks, we recommend this article:

If you want to improve your music promotion strategy , make sure you are sending teasers or small clips that show the next album you will release, well received on twitter and facebook, well before publishing the release date.

📣 This can be done with a few simple tricks:

✅ Retweets when a fan or blog says something nice about your music.

Involve your fans in the process by previewing cover art, publicity photos, videos, or anything else they want to know about.

Pay attention to the type of content that receives the most interest and be sure to plan more content of this type to achieve more dissemination.

Ask your followers to retweets and share your Facebook posts with their friends.

Final tip : Take a look at your website and make sure you have all four components of a press kit - EPK, this is vital.

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