The Seven Ages of Rock: Chapter 1, The Birth of Rock - Documentary

Bandas como The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, entre otras, empezaron a copiar presentaciones de Blues estadounidense y enriquecerlo hasta crear uno de los sonidos más característicos de la última mitad del siglo XX.

Seven Ages Of Rock (The seven ages of Rock, in Spanish) is a BBC series, co-produced by BBC Worldwide and VH1 Classics, on the history of Rock music.

It had seven 60-minute episodes, reduced to 48 for VH1 Classics, with a final 90-minute episode. The series producer was William Naylor, and the executive producer was Michael Poole, former editor of the BBC program The Late Show.

Chapter 1: The Birth of Rock

Jimi Hendrix grew up in Seattle in the 1950s, and learned music in bars, influenced by musicians and bands such as Howlin 'Wolf, BBKing, and Muddy Waters.

Former Former Animals member Eric Burdon says Hendrix wasn't popular in the US because he was black, and black blues wasn't popular there.

Meanwhile, the English music scene was trying to play the American blues records; Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, among others, began to copy American Blues presentations and enrich it to create one of the most characteristic sounds of the last half of the 20th century.


Chapter 1 - The Birth Of Rock
Chapter 2 - Art Rock
Chapter 3 - Punk Rock
Chapter 4 - Heavy Metal
Chapter 5 - Stadium Rock
Chapter 6 - Alternative Rock
Chapter 7 - Brit Rock