🚀 How to upload, sell and distribute my music on music platforms? [2020] Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon and others

Guía y consejos paso a paso para subir, vender, optimizar y distribuir mi música en Spotify ✅ Deezer, iTunes, Amazon y otras plataformas musicales.

There are many alternatives to listen and download music online without paying at all, but today we will talk about those services in which you can distribute your music and perhaps achieve a sales goal.

For this we must take into account some aspects, which are really necessary to avoid incurring headaches and disappointments, let's start at the base:

The forms of distribution of our online music with the possibility of sales vary between platforms or streaming services, sales platforms (online stores) and hybrid platforms (a mixture of both), but:

What is streaming ?:

" Streaming is the technology that allows us to reproduce an audio or video file directly from the internet on a page without previously downloading it to our computer. We visualize it as it is downloaded to the PC. A streaming transmission is never stored on the computer's computer. user, which is why it makes it a bit more secure to avoid plagiarism or the capture of the audio / video file. "

More information at - cehis.net

Interesting facts before continuing:

Currently the streaming income model is divided into two segments (freemium) free access and (premium) subscription payment.

In the last 12 months, 35% of users worldwide use streaming services without subscription, that is (freemium) and 16% use paid streaming (premium), it is on the rise according to the (IFPI) - International Federation of the phonographic industry.

Youtube is a streaming video service which directly dabbled in music with Youtube Music Key.

The largest music catalogs are found across platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Rdio, Napster and others.

Digital music sales have had a growth of 32.1% for 2014 compared to 2013, according to a report by the (IFPI) International Federation of the Phonographic Industry , which makes Latin America the region with the strongest digital growth, worldwide , and with the peculiarity of having the youngest public on all continents, since 60% of those who use the Internet are under 35 years old.

This is the ranking of Latin American countries in digital sales worldwide, Country (Position): Brazil (10), Mexico (15), New Mexico (27), Argentina (32), Chile (36), Central America ( 38), Peru (41), Ecuador (47), Venezuela (48), Paraguay (50), Uruguay (51), Bolivia (52)

One more thing to understand about streaming music ... ($):

Streaming services generate income for artists through the reproduction of songs, that is, each one that someone reproduces your song on Spotify will generate income per reproduction, and thus in each of the services, but beware, they pay for these reproductions differently .

Music stores generate income through direct sales, that is, downloads of songs or albums, generally each service offers a standard price per song and per album.

Main streaming platforms:

Spotify, Deezer, 8Tracks, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube Music Key, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, MizRadio, Slacker, Guvera, JB Hi-fi NOW Music, Rara, Yandex.Music, Napster ...

Main sales platforms (Stores):

iTunes Store, Amazon MP3, Shazam, eMusic, Tradebit, Medianet, 24/7 Entertaiment, 7Digital, Omnifone ...

Some hybrid platforms (Mix between both services):

Google Play Store, Groove Music, Boinc, GreatIndieMusic, InProdicon ...

Naturally there are hundreds of streaming services and online stores, these are some and it should be taken into account that the same platforms do not work in all countries, in the current report of the (IFPI), pages 41 and 42 it is shown by country each service and you find many more statistical data.

See IFPI Full Report - 2015 in PDF

PS: One of the questions they ask us the most is:

📢 How to upload my music to Spotify? 💬

Today we can tell you that all platforms, including Spotify , each have an importance in their measure, but you have to observe this as there is a world of showcases in which to place our music.

So whenever you think of a single platform, remember that you have + 500 sales and streaming services so that your music is playing in many territories, obviously at first focus on territories and platforms to get your music to those regions.

Yes, but then ... How do I send or upload my songs on these great platforms ?:

For that there are Aggregators , these are companies that are exclusively dedicated to interacting with these giants to facilitate access to music catalogs without incurring problems with copyright.

Aggregators play a vital role in getting your music to these streaming services and digital stores.

They are mainly dedicated to delivering your music in the required formats, verifying the intellectual property of the contents, offering you an exclusive microsite with all the statistical information on how your music has moved in all the services you chose for distribution, facilitating the process of Income collection managing and taking all the data and income control to your micro site, it even facilitates the whole process of integrating your money to your personal account.

Some have other functionalities to make your music career walk in a good direction. They have a one-time fee for distributing individual singles or full albums.

Before uploading your music with any Aggregator they ask you to have a UPC / EAN code and an ISRC code, each company will provide you with one if you do not have it, in certain aggregators they give you one of the two and the other has an additional cost of course , but it is very effective because it will serve to track your music content through the web, but what are these codes for and why are there two? .

UPC / EAN: is a barcode that is generally assigned to each album or each single, precisely to keep track of sales.

ISRC: is a code that is given to each single which will be used to keep track of reproductions.

RATES : the aggregators have somewhat different rates, these depend on the company and the distribution package you choose, in general they are all betting on the independent artist to make a small investment and thus facilitate the distribution of your music on hundreds of streaming platforms and online stores, in addition to this they offer many services on licensing, marketing, publication, synchronization and provide you with relevant information to strengthen your musical process.

Main Music Aggregators or Distributors:

CD Baby
The Orchard
EMU Bands
Record Union
The Dome
Believe Digital
Music shuttle

Final recommendations:

Research a little about some aggregators, check how many platforms you can be with a certain aggregator and what prices it handles to make a balance of possibilities.

Check well what each one offers, the one that charges less is not always better, it may limit access to certain services.

Make sure you have the proper copyright registration for your songs.

The quality of your music should be at the best possible, with a good mix and good mastering.

The process of uploading your music to the aggregators is simple, each of these offers you a really very intuitive microsite, go step by step to avoid errors.

Each single or album must have a cover.

Have all the possible data at hand (composer, collaborators, artist, album or song description, album art, song name, album name, release date and many more things that each aggregator asks you for.

Remember the process of distributing your music:

Song or album
I choose the aggregator
I have all the necessary data and info (name, composer, album art or song, etc)
I choose stores and platforms to distribute
Purchase of UPC, EAN and ISRC codes and the appropriate package with the aggregator
Finally distribute your music.

This is an approach to the subject of music distribution on sales platforms and streaming services, we would like your contribution to strengthen the article according to your experiences, this will be very useful to independent artists who will take this path.

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